What is Direct Inject and how does it make my life easier?
"Oh!  you are so lucky to have found us.  "
So rare is a business that puts customers' needs as a priority.  We have installed new 2012 Maytag washers at our South Grand location that make laundry your favorite chore. Our Direct Inject detergent system automatically dispenses Blue Planet Detergent into your washer at the perfect time, in the perfect quantity. 

This means no more buying, carrying, storing, spilling, measuring Detergent, Bleach or Fabric Softener.  The cost savings to you is added bonus.  If you buy 150 ounces of Tide at the store it costs 17.99.  Using 4 ounces you spend 48 cents/load.  Still convinced Chlorine Bleach is good for you?  Add another 12 cents.  How much would you pay to have someone lug that Big 'ol jug around for you?  And replace the carpet in you car when it tips over on the drive home? 

We selected Blue Planet because we know how picky you are.  It is Hypoallergenic, Biodegradable, Enymatic, and Low-sudsing.  None of the detergents sold on the store shelves have any of these qualities. 

Our Maytag washers were chosen with you in mind, also.  The spinout is 350 G-Force.  This means less dry time...and damaging heat exposure.  Top this:  all machines also accept Credit cards and Quarters. 

You are in good hands.  No other laundromat in the world does this for you.

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